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Year 1931
Rizzani is established in Udine, as a general contracting and construction company. Within a few years, it earns a prestigious reputation for carrying out large engineering projects in Italy and in several countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Year 1948
Riccardo de Eccher establishes a construction company bearing his name, in the North Eastern Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige; The Company begins to develop real estate.

Year 1970
Riccardo de Eccher takes over Rizzani, combining the track records and capabilities of the two firms into a new company, Rizzani de Eccher, managed by the de Eccher family. The merger and integration process of these two companies is completed in the early 1970s, laying the foundations for today’s corporate structure.

Year 1976
The second generation of the de Eccher family joins the management and the Company expands its focus and market share in infrastructure projects and public works. Following a devastating earthquake in the Friuli region in the same year, the Company’s resources are immediately devoted to the reconstruction process, including the careful restoration of historical landmarks such as the medieval town of Venzone. This prestigious recovery and rehabilitation project required the meticulous and identical reconstruction of ancient architectural features.

Year 1980
The construction of two large sections of the Carnia-Tarvisio highway provides the Company with the opportunity to develop innovative construction techniques for the prefabrication and erection of pre-cast concrete segments. The latter technology is further developed in the following years, as the Group completes many important highway and motorway projects. This invaluable technological expertise is eventually consolidated with the establishment of Deal, a company dedicated to vanguard technologies for the construction of elevated bridges and viaducts, utilising mass-production industrialised systems.

Year 1982
Towards the end of this year, Rizzani de Eccher wins its first large international tender for the construction of five school complexes in Algeria. Two years later, the Company is awarded a further five projects for the construction of two tanneries and three shoe factories in the former Soviet Union. This initial success ushers in a period of significant growth in Russia, which continues to this day.

Year 1986
Thanks to the courage and commitment of the de Eccher family, aided by a bright and talented management team, the Group posts an extraordinary growth in turnover, topping revenues of 228 billion Italian liras in 1990, up from 37 billion liras in 1986.

Year 2004
Rizzani de Eccher consolidates its success at home and abroad. It becomes one of the ten leading construction companies in Italy, and is also listed among the Top 100 International Contractors by Engineering New Record magazine.

Year 2009
Today, the Group is one of the world’s premier construction businesses and a market leader in its field. It operates in four areas of activity, where it consistently demonstrates its expertise and flair for innovation as a contractor for: general building, infrastructure development, equipment manufacturing and specialised engineering solutions for bridges and viaducts and real estate development.
Thanks to its consolidated position in several countries (such as Russia and other CIS countries, the Middle East, East Asia, North and Central America as well as Africa) the Group’s share of turnover from overseas operations has always been above 70% since 2005.

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